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      July 1863 at Gettysburg, two soldiers and a nurse witness the great Battle unfold before their  very eyes...  but… they are all from other times. Together  they share the same secret, which they dare not let  the Army of Northern Virginia know. Could they cause a Confederate victory and forever change history?

       The monumental three-day battle affects each of them in ways they could never have imagined. All  searching for something, but lost and worlds apart. Of the three, only one discovers the shocking realization  of everybody’s destinies… 

       From the desolate Bishop Rock Lighthouse, off England’s Cornwall Coast; through the ravaged  Mediterranean theatre of World War II Greece;
then vividly culminating at the famous Battle of Gettysburg  during 
America's bloody Civil War; the answers for Tim, Jack and Beth is startling.

Reviews from Amazon:

''This is a gem of a story. Full of page turning intrigue, plus the bonus of very fine historical detail. I enjoyed reading this. It is a great story of 200+ pages. I absorbed half of it during a four hour flight and really was amazed how it kept me involved. An amazing conclusion. Well recommended. If you like Cornwell; Shaara; with a splash of Ira Levin. I liked it. Its page turning stuff with a femme fatale for the girls too.''

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"Gettysburg... Other Times" is one of those books that the reader cannot put down, not even for dinner awaiting. Jack Stewart is an British Army officer in World War II, stationed in Greece as the German Army is retreating. He is fascinated by young soldier Tim Jeffries who is engrossed by military history, especially that of the American Civil War and the Battle of Gettysburg. When they travel back in time to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, on the eve of that famous battle in 1863, Jack tries to rescue Tim and to understand how they must observe and not disturb history in the making. Civil War buffs and regular readers will adore this well-written, well-researched book. Not to be missed.

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Book Review comments:
'A totally new and alternate slant on the great Civil War battle
has been created by author Phil Stevenson.  Not another text book, but a fictional novel packed with
fine historical detail that will have the most avid historical reader intrigued, plus will delight the general fiction reader
with a memorable experience with a twist at the end.

     The story presents a refreshing mix of historical fact, with a contemporary feel to attract readers from all ages.  The content will delight new readers to the history of the birth of a nation, a learning that is worn lightly, while providing a page turning action packed historical novel.'

Number of Pages: 210
Interior: Black and White
Trim Size: 6" x 9"
Binding: US Trade Paper
Paper Color: White

ISBN: 1453614567

EAN-13: 9781453614563
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